Our Purpose

To be the state-owned financial institution that promotes inclusion and sustainable development, transforming people’s lives.

This is what moves CAIXA. Our doors will always be open to serve everyone who dreams of improving their lives.

Our Vision

To be a reference to Brazilian society for our social and commercial relationship, enabling financial citizenship, sustainable development, and excellence in the execution of public policies, with efficiency and profitability.

We want to impact society in a positive way and continue to be a reference for Brazilians when it comes to citizenship and public policies.

Our Values

State-owned Spirit: We are in service of the Brazilian society

We are CAIXA, a public company. All our actions aim to have a positive impact on Brazilian society. We represent CAIXA with pride, strength, and unity. With synergy, we face challenges together. We act with excellence in our relationships.

All our actions aim to positively impact Brazilian society.

Integrity: We act with Integrity and Ethics

Our actions represent ethical values ​​and principles. People at CAIXA treat everyone and are treated with respect, transparency, and honesty. We repudiate conduct that may characterize prejudice, discrimination, and harassment of any nature.

Sustainability: We act on Sustainable Development

Our external and internal relations value sustainable principles. We transform society, balancing social, cultural, economic, and environmental aspects, to meet the needs of current generations, and to provide for the needs of future generations.

Inclusion: We practice Inclusion

We respect and value individual characteristics. We practice social inclusion, equity, and diversity in all our relationships. We encourage and value creativity and innovation.


We are guardians and examples of these Values. This is the CAIXA way of being!