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    ESG Rating

    Level 1 certificate in the 5th cycle

    Good Practices of the Internal Affairs Network

    1st Place Indirect Administration

    Customer Experience/User Experience

    4th best fund manager in the country

    1st Place IF Ex Ranking

    Highest rating in Latin America

    Annual Audit of Accounts if, Reservations

    Best Corporate Universities

    Pro-Gender and Race Equality Seal

    Top 3 Digital Government Services

    Higher brand strength index

    Bank of the Year

    Companies with the best reputation

    CAIXA obtains the best global score in the Environmental category by Moody’s

    CAIXA was evaluated by Moody’s Investors Service in the first ESG (environmental, social and governance) assessment, in which 155 banks participated. In the environmental aspect, CAIXA achieved the best global score, together with three other institutions from Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland. CAIXA was the only bank in Latin America with the best evaluation in the same category.

    Moody’s considers that CAIXA’s operations, predominantly real estate financing, have low exposure to carbon emissions and low environmental risk.

    Best score in the Governance Index of State-Owned Companies (IG-SEST)

    CAIXA received Level 1 Certification, with the maximum score (grade 10), for the second consecutive time, in the 5th Cycle of the Governance Indicator of the Secretariat for the Coordination and Governance of State-Owned Companies. All CAIXA subsidiaries that participated also received Level 1 Certification, with CAIXA Seguridade receiving it for the second consecutive year and in its second participation, and CAIXA Cartões in its first participation.

    CAIXA Internal Affairs recognized by CGU as one of the best in the country

    CAIXA Internal Affairs was recognized by the Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) as one of the best in the country, having been awarded in all categories of the second edition of the Best Practices of the Internal Affairs Network, which brings together public institutions from Brazil, its states and municipalities, having been the only institution awarded in the three categories of the contest and the only state-owned bank to receive an award.

    The institutions were evaluated for the improvement of the assessments of public agents and private entities, and for the procedural or technological innovation in the fight against corruption through correctional units.

    First place in the Rede Governança Brasil Award

    CAIXA was awarded in its first participation the 1st place in the Rede Governança Brasil Award for indirect administration (municipalities, public companies, mixed capital companies and public foundations), which are a reference and have distinguished themselves in the national public governance scenario, through of the 2021 Integrated Survey of Public Organizational Governance of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU).

    The Rede Governança Brasil Award aims to promote good governance practices, stimulating general competences, which articulate and mobilize principles, ethical and governance performance, and aims to attribute merit to relevant performance in the public sphere of Brazil.


    Rede Governança Brasil (RGB) is a non-profit civil association, comprised of a technically qualified group composed of specialist associate members, coming from the public and the private sectors, who work voluntarily, free of charge and jointly with the objective of disseminating good governance practices within the Brazilian society.

    CAIXA receives Banking Transformation 2021 award

    On December 6th, CAIXA received the Banking Transformation 2021 award. The Bank was the winner in the Customer Experience / User Experience category with the case “1st Digital Fair of Casa Própria”.

    The 1st Digital Fair was held in July 2021, using an innovative platform, and offered more than 180,000 new properties and more than 6,000 used ones. In 10 days of the event, it received more than 6 million hits and had 1.3 million simulations performed.

    The Banking Transformation award has been taking place for 16 years and is promoted by Catarino Brasileiro, a company specializing in relationship marketing and consulting in the finance, technology and innovation sector.


    FGV Fund Management Award – CAIXA DTVM

    CAIXA DTVM was evaluated as the 4th best fund manager in Brazil by the Guia de Fundos FGV, obtaining 2nd place in the Fixed Income category, and 3rd place in Wholesale and Retail. The Guia de Fundos FGV is considered the most traditional in the Brazilian market.


    Best score in the Governance and Public Management Index (iGG), by TCU

    In 2021, CAIXA achieved the best score in the integrated governance and management index (iGG) among state-owned financial institutions. The index was developed by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) to assess processes related to the management and governance of public institutions and is comprised of the following indices: public governance; people management; IT management; and contract management.

    In 2021, 378 organizations participated in the assessment, and CAIXA achieved the third best score, rising 36 positions compared to 2018. In 2017, the Bank obtained a score of 65%, reaching the 29th position. The following year, it ranked 39th. In the years 2019 and 2020, the assessment was not carried out by the agency.

    Evaluation cycles 2021 2018 2017
    Grade 94% 71% 65%
    Rating by Grade* 3rd 39th 29th

    *Note: the present classification of CAIXA in relation to the other organizations evaluated was based on the comparison of the scores obtained in the iGG, not constituting an official ranking by the TCU.

    This is the best result of CAIXA since the index began to be determined and made possible by the change in strategic positioning of the Bank, which was based on the quest for profitability of operations, focusing on appreciation of the Brazilian society, best practices of governance and integrity, strengthening the realization of the business with appropriate controls.

    The only bank in South America with the highest ESG Social rating assigned in “Community Relations, Social Access, and Affordable Prices”, raised from 2 to 4[+] by Fitch Ratings



    5 Highly relevant, a key rating driver with a significant impact (equivalent to “high”)
    4 Relevant to the rating, it is not a primary rating driver, but has an impact on the rating in combination with other factors. (equivalent to “moderate”)
    3 Minimally relevant to the rating, with low impact (equivalent to “low”)
    2 Irrelevant to the entity’s rating, but relevant to the industry.
    1 Irrelevant to the entity’s rating and irrelevant to the industry.

    The agency considers CAIXA’s strong social role as a bank and the maintenance of its dominant position in the low-income real estate credit market. This is the highest score given to Brazilian banks in the social score.

    E: gas emissions, use of natural resources, exposure to environmental impacts, etc.

    S: Community relations, customer and employee well-being, exposure to social impacts, etc.

    G: Governance structure, transparency, strategy management, etc.

    CAIXA is the only bank in South America with a positive ESG of ‘Community Relations, Social Access, and Affordable Prices’.

    In Fitch’s view, the Federal Government’s control of CAIXA supports its ability to attract low-cost retail deposits, while its role as a bank ensures that it maintains a dominant position in the low-income mortgage market. Fitch understands that these factors strengthen CAIXA’s credit profile and considers the rating to be a moderately positive influence.

    For Fitch, CAIXA plays a crucial role in the implementation of government credit policies for low-income groups, infrastructure and small and medium-sized companies; and that the Institution’s tradition, geographic reach, and the available structure provide competitive advantages and support the diversification and stability of revenues.

    Fitch Ratings considers that CAIXA has improved in the last four years, mainly supported by:


    • Ratings in line with the Sovereign;
    • 3rd largest bank in Brazil in terms of assets and high market share in housing and savings;
    • Relevant role during the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak;
    • Change, in recent years, from aggressive growth to improving profitability, thus strengthening capitalization ratios;
    • Broad and diversified CAIXA service base.

    Credit Strengths highlighted by Fitch Ratings (data related to 1Q21):

    • Improvement in the quality of CAIXA’s assets, through improved renegotiation and collection processes;
    • Return of payments after break benefits granted to customers;
    • Stable funding base and comfortable liquidity;
    • Growth of 6.3% in the balance of funding, totaling R$970 billion;
    • Market share of 68.3% in mortgage loans and 36.4% in savings.

    Annual audit opinion of unqualified accounts, by the Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General (CGU)

    CGU issued a regular Annual Audit Certificate of Accounts for the year 2019 and an unqualified opinion on the accounts for the year 2020.

    The CGU’s conclusions reinforce the improvement in the governance of this management, committed to transparency, ethics and integrity, overcoming irregular certification in 2018.



    2020 Unqualified opinion
    2019 Regular



    Best Corporate Universities, by Global CCU.

    The objective of the Award is to recognize the best Corporate Universities around the world, those that had the best performance and that contributed most significantly to improve the profession.

    Pro-Gender and Race Equity Seal, by the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights

    The seal represents the recognition of the work done by organizations in the daily development of new concepts of people management and organizational culture to achieve gender and race equality in the working world.

    Best initiatives in the Digital Universe, Top 3 iBest: Emergency Aid App.

    Only Bank with AAA Rating in Brand Strength Index, by Brand Finance
    According to the indicators, CAIXA has the strongest brand among Brazilian banks.

    Bank of the Year in a Solution for Instant Payments and Impact Mitigation, by Cantarino Brasileiro.

    100 Companies with the best reputation, by the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (MERCO).