CAIXA was born helping Brazilians make their dreams come true.

Our business is to build dignity!

From providing access to a decent home to take care of the family, to receiving a million-dollar prize or having the education and strength to expand your resources and company.

We have been mapping the main needs of Brazilians for 162 years, which is why we occupy a leading role as the Federal Government’s main partner and agent of transformation for a fairer and less unequal society.

All of this is for you, it’s for a new Brazil. And we won’t stop here. When looking to the future, we still see many dreams to come true, including yours.

CAIXA has what Brazil needs from a Financial Institution!

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It is the set of management practices adopted by CAIXA with the aim of improving the company’s performance and protecting the rights of all its stakeholders.

CAIXA combines the company’s historical commitment with contemporary challenges, translating honesty, respect and responsibility in the conduct of business, in relationships and in the accountability of its activities.

CAIXA adopts practices that make it possible to integrate social, economic and environmental dimensions, based on sustainability. In this way, it promotes responsible business performance, which prioritizes transparency and ethics, in generating value for society.​

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